WASSP Becoming the Sounder of Choice for Sport Fishermen


WASSP Multibeam is becoming the sounder system of choice for recreational fishermen in New Zealand, with increasing numbers turning to WASSP’s leading technology to scan and profile their fishing environment.

Not just a professional tool, WASSP Multibeam is proving to be great onboard technology to be used for more leisure based applications such as fish finding for sports fishing, wreck finding for scuba-diving or just general seafloor exploration,  – WASSP Multibeam can do it all in what is high tech and cost effective package.

One boat builder choosing to specify their vessels with WASSP Multibeam sounder is Dickey Boats. The New Zealand builder manufacture’s custom luxury aluminium motor yachts and fishing boats in Napier on New Zealand’s East Coast.

The company has recently installed WASSP Multibeam F3X systems into three of its 45 Semifly models – the WASSP Multibeam system suiting the individual owner requirements for a mixture of bottom fishing as well as water column profiling.

Dickey Boats Managing Director Jason Dickey says he’s been suitably impressed with the ease of use, functionality and performance of the WASSP Multibeam system, and so have his clients.

“I have just finished handing over another one of our Semifly 45’s and the owners are very happy,” says Mr Dickey.

“The WASSP is the best picture and mapping I have seen to date and I am super impressed.”

WASSP Multibeam sounder systems gives users seafloor and water column data in real-time. With 224 beams in action users are able to understand the underwater environment to locate fish faster over a much wider area than traditional single beam systems. And most importantly, be able to see the seafloor structure and detect hardness changes, giving an increased understanding of the underwater environment their target species are living in.

“The ability to go out to depths of up to 100m and profile an area in just a couple of passes is amazing. Other systems it would take hours to gather the same information and multiple passes.

“Once profiled, you can very quickly have the rods out and be on the fish.”

“If you want the very best in fish finding technology, WASSP is it.”

The newly launched WASSP F3X offers significantly more power along with long pulse time that equates to more energy in the water meaning more clarity in shallow and medium depths of 50 to 500m.

The F3X with the 80kHz transducer provides the ability to operate as a sounder in depths of 1000m and provide mapping of the sea floor with Water Column Targets (fish) shown in 850m of water. F3X also comes as standard with WASSP’s patent pending Interference Management Systems (IMS) including AKP ready for install on complex vessels with several other sounders and sonars installed.

Like professional users, WASSP Multibeam can offer recreational fishermen many of the same benefits such as saving fuel due to less time motoring, the ability to break-in and discover new ground faster and more accurately than ever before.

Detailed information of seabed lets you retrieve fishing gear before you foul up. Precise seafloor information allows the skipper to target grounds thought to be unfishable and identify new opportunities and an increase catch rate.

Detailed bottom hardness information allows users to target or avoid hidden underlying rock

The WASSP F3X systems were seamlessly interfaced with the latest TimeZero Professional software, with the information presented via three 17" Hatteland Series X monitors.