The F3XL features a higher power DRX-46 processor with a low frequency transducer WMB-80, giving a maximum depth of 1000m.

With the 80kHz transducer, the F3XL provides the ability to operate as a sounder in depths of 1000m and provide mapping of the seafloor, with water column targets (fish) shown in 850m of water. F3XL also comes as standard with our patent pending Interference Management Systems (IMS), including AKP ready for install on complex vessels that have several other existing sounders and sonars.

You can map fish schools and plan your fishing to maximise your quota. This ensures the maximum value for the fish caught, giving you the best return on investment while helping you fish sustainably. Plus, it interfaces with TimeZero Pro to help you make a strategic fishing plan by optimising all the fishing tools available to you.


Digital DRX Transceiver

 This innovative, low power, all-in-one “black box” is not just a robust a robust hardware platform. It also introduces world-leading cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for a variety of applications, from finding your catch and exploring new areas, to surveying and mapping. This opens up countless new opportunities for your operations.

The DRX Transceiver is the heart of the WASSP system that provides live processing of your data to provide realistic sounder and mapping graphics.
It has the processing power of a supercomputer.
This is the core of all further developments.

DRX-46 Specifications:

DRX-46 with WMB-160 transducer: 1 to 600m 

DRX-46 with WMB-80 transducer: 2 to 1000m 

Features In:

DRX-46 is used with F3X & W3X models