Affordable, professional-level multibeam echosounder
For more than a decade, WASSP has delivered professional-level multibeam echosounders with a product and price-point that bridges the gap between single-beam sonar and higher-end MBES systems. The S3 is one of the world’s most cost-effective, professional survey and mapping multibeam solutions currently available on the market. 
Now you can understand what you’re looking at with the new S3 including RPM
The new WASSP S3 introduces RPM (Real-time Processing Module) which enhances seafloor tracking and ping rates to give more accuracy and detail in your survey data. The RPM module works as a license, processing data via the DRX processor unit, and allowing higher quality data to be processed for use with 3rd party survey software applications. Scanning a 120-degree swath width, port-to-starboard, and using advanced signal processing, the S3 gives you a complete and accurate picture of seafloor bathymetry so you can really understand what you’re looking at.
With RPM you can choose to use the WASSP CDX GUI for all your WASSP system settings and live mapping data, or directly interface to your preferred survey software suite, including HYPACK, BeamworX, EIVA, Echoview, QINSy, CT Systems and others with a range of export options.


 This innovative, low power (equivalent to 1kW), all-in-one “black box” is not just a robust a robust hardware platform, it also introduces world-leading, cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for a variety of applications, from finding your catch and exploring new areas, to surveying and mapping. This opens up countless new opportunities for your survey operations.

The DRX Transceiver is the heart of the WASSP system, which provides live processing of your data to deliver realistic sounder and mapping graphics.
It has the processing power of a supercomputer. 

The DRX is the core of all further developments, so you're future-proofed.