WASSP W3 ‘Wireless’ Popular at METS Trade

1 December 2023

WASSP recently displayed the latest in Multibeam Echosounder technology at the METS 2023 Trade Show in Amsterdam last month.

METS is the largest international Marine B2B exhibition in the world and over the last years, organisers have added a special Super Yacht Pavilion for suppliers to the Superyacht industry.

WASSP took the opportunity to showcase their Wireless system (W3) to demonstrate to key people from the industry.

WASSP W3 is a seafloor mapping system that is mounted to the tender boat of a Superyacht or Cruise ship. When the yacht is navigating/exploring in uncharted or poorly charted areas around the world, they can deploy the tender using WASSP to map the seafloor and generate its own 3D charts which the mothership can then proceed.

This mapping from the tender is relayed in real-time via a long-range wireless link to the ‘Mothership’ where the live mapping data from the tender is shown on the navigation screens in the bridge and will remain available for safe navigation or anchorage planning.  

 Thanks to WASSP’s leading Multibeam Echosounder technology it is possible to map a very large area in a relatively short period of time (hundreds of times faster and more accurate than using a standard single beam echosounder).

Once the map is created, the bridge crew can immediately see a clear 2D top view and 3D 360° picture of where it is safe to sail. 

See document “Wireless WASSP Explained” for further information.

The WASSP W3 system has become a must have aboard some of the world’s largest Superyachts.

WASSP is currently being fitted aboard several Superyachts, all around the world.

Learn more at: www.wassp.com


Justin Kiel & Mandy Smith - WASSP