Compatible Sensors


WASSP S3r RTK INS Sensor Box

The WASSP RTK INS Sensor box comes with an Ellipse Dual Antenna RTK GNSS/INS L1/L2 which measures Position, Heading, Pitch, Roll and Heave and its an integral part of the WASSP S3r kit, allowing accuracy to achieve IHO standards.



WASSP WSP-038 Standalone Motion Sensor

P/N WSP-002-120 
WASSP WSP-038 standalone motion sensor with a 5m cable that connects directly to the RS422B port. This sensor is recommended for any F3X or F3 DRX after 389. It can be used with any suitable satellite compass. The sensor is RS422 so cable runs can be extended to almost any length.



WASSP Sensor box with WSP-038 Motion Sensor

P/N WSP-002-018 
This provides a termination point for the satellite compass and power and contains the WSP-038 motion sensor. A 5m premade cable then carries the combined power, heading, position and motion sensor data to the drx over a single 5m cable. Wired for RS232 input / output and designed for use with the V123 antenna.








The V123 is an all-in-one single-frequency, multi-GNSS smart antenna. It provides Atlas decimeter-level position and precise heading. This rugged design is sealed for harsh environments and is a great solution for professional marine and other challenging applications. The V123 combines easy install with consistent, precise heading accuracy and decimeter positioning.



The V200 offers an incredible combination of simple installation, small form factor, and amazing performance. The compass – measuring only 35 cm in length – mounts easily to a flat surface or pole. The stability and maintenance-free design of the Vector V200 provides simple integration into autopilots, chart plotters, and AIS systems.





SATELLITE COMPASS™ (GPS COMPASS) SCX-21 Satellite Accuracy, , Heading Accuracy of 1°, with 10Hz position update and up to 50Hz Motion Strong against multipath, and small in size, the SCX21 is a great entry level sensor for position , heading and motion for the inshore applications of WASSP multibeam