The WASSP Story

For many years, it had long been believed that wide-angle multibeam sounders would remain far too expensive for commercial fishing applications. Eventually, the WASSP R&D department at ENL would change this.

In 1990, ENL established its R&D division. ENL quickly became the market leader in Orange Roughy Fishery after developing Netlink, a net-monitoring system software and sensor solution providing fishers with the net velocity and accurate distance behind the vessel down to 2000 meters.

Highlighting ENL’s R&D capability, ENL developed the Datamaster Tactical Communications to successfully win the contract to supply the Royal New Zealand Navy which are still in use today.

In 2000, ENL felt the New Zealand commercial fishing industry lacked cost-effective 3D technology to efficiently map the ocean in order to manage their increasing fuel cost and to better understand their fishing environment. This led to the development and first successful sales of WASSP in 2004 to the Crayfish sector and also its adaptation to use in survey mapping.

In 2006, ENL and WASSP showcased WASSP Multibeam technology at its first international exhibition at SMM in Hamburg, Germany. This led to the appointment of WASSP distributors in Europe and North America.

Currently ENL manufactures three product series of the WASSP™ Multibeam Sounder for all markets, including Fishing (F-Series), Survey (S-Series) and Superyacht Wireless (W-Series).

WASSP is manufactured by ENL in New Zealand under ISO9001/2000 certification, WASSP Systems are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients. It is WASSP’s 360-degree approach from research and development through to design, build, and installation that delivers a range of products that provide our clients with unique and innovative technology solutions.

FernMark License: FernMark is formal government recognition of our product’s connection to New Zealand and clearly communicates that New Zealand is the country of origin to consumers around the globe. Displaying our Licence number alongside the FernMark logo provides an additional layer of credibility and strengthens consumer confidence in our products.