The F3 is a multibeam sounder designed around the fully digital DRX transceiver. It features a low power processor DRX-32, with a high frequency transducer WMB-160 to give you a maximum depth of 400m. This solid-state processor (which would be called a supercomputer in the gaming world) is a robust hardware platform with cutting-edge innovation. It’s accurate, versatile, easy-to-use and scalable to suit your exact needs.

With wideband CHIRP technology and multibeam, you can scan up to a 120 degrees (up to 3.5 times depth) swathe port-to-starboard for a complete picture of seafloor bathymetry giving you unprecedented clarity.


• Cost-effective solution

• Choose your own functions

• Licensing options for additional feature Backscatter, Water Column

• Targets and Side Scan

• Licensing options for further improved performance such as Advanced Key Pulse, IMS, XYZ Data Export, RKT Tide and draft correction

• Wireless capability with optional license and communication hardware

• TimeZero and OLEX-compatible




This innovative, low power (equivalent to 1kW), all-in-one “black box” is not just a robust a robust hardware platform. It also introduces world-leading, cutting-edge technical innovations and incredible versatility for a variety of applications, from finding your catch and exploring new areas, to surveying and mapping. This opens up countless new opportunities for your operations.

The DRX Transceiver is the heart of the WASSP system, which provides live processing of your data to deliver realistic sounder and mapping graphics.
It has the processing power of a supercomputer. 

The DRX is the core of all further developments, so you're future-proofed.


Quint Beam Sounder and 3D Bathymetry


CDX Operating System

WASSP Generation 3 introduces a new simplified WASSP CDX for control, visualisation and data management, while still providing a comprehensive set of functions to meet the most demanding fishing requirements.


Features Include:


  • High resolution mapping
    • Multi-resolution mapping has a single database that becomes more detailed the more you zoom in
    • A clever algorithm takes best data from an old recording and new recording, providing for near-seamless mapping
    • Great high-resolution single, triple and Quint beam sounder providing a very clear visibility of both water column and sea floor
    • Single, triple and Quint beam high definition sounder F Series only
    • Sonar view to give instant current sounder view
    • Side scan when licensed
    • 2D and 3D Mapping with or without Water column targets and Backscatter when licensed
    • Simplified graphical user interface
    • Focused on WASSP data presentation not multi-functional
    • Presents in a very accurate raw manner with minimal data cleaning or averaging
    • Enhances the core benefits of WASSP
    • Multi resolution database with automatic, depth-adjusted, best resolution mapping that can be used in all depths zoom in for higher resolution
    • Water column targets gain is aligned to give same colour in all modes

Highly Sensitive WASSP Transducers

With the highly sensitive WASSP WMB-160 transducers, you get much more depth than similar powered traditional sounders. With processing from very low comparable transmission power WASSP transducers give you very good clarity in both deep and shallow water.